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Adguard Premium v2

AdGuard Premium RC (block ads without roots)

Requirements: Android +

Blocking ads without roots

AdGuard provide you with reliable protection, and managed quickly and without filter, share web pages loading. AdGuard remove all these annoying ads, block the loading of malicious sites, and will not allow anyone to track online activity.

During processing website, AdGuard do several things at once:

1.Usuwanie tracking code on online advertising anddirektangng page.

Home 2.Cek in our database phishing and malicious sites.

3. Check the applications downloaded from unknown sources.

What’s New:

Added exceptions # 673

Notice of termination of a permit # 606

blocking annoying video ads News App # 711


Premium features unlocked | No watermark credit patched



AdGuarddostarczyć reliable atpinamamahalaang protection immediately and withoutAndamenyaring loading web pages. AdGuard remove all these annoying ads, block the loading of malicious sites, and will not allow anyone to track online activity.


– Comfort and safety

– You’ll be amazed how much more convenient and safer access to the Internet after installing AdGuard.

– AdGuard for Windows

– KrótkaLista major changes: a significant reduction in memory consumption, introduced a convenient addition ofthe new ads filters,integration of WOT is now a separate extension menambahkandukungan for the new browser, the conflict remains popular program and disadvantages of processing requests, and more.

– Reduced memory consumption

– Indeed, we have optimized memory usage. Now, even if używaszstary computer or netbook weak AdGuard run quietly in the background, without slowing down the device. We compare the memory usage in one of the bersyondati. I should say presents the results of several times less.

– filterannouncement

– In addition, AdGuard became even lebihprogram incomplete. Now users can install a filter ads. What does it mean? In addition, the filter installed on AdGuarddomyślnie, you can add a third party, such as a list of filters that allow AdGuard block ads in different segments of web pages in different languages, in particular. All this can magingginanap directly in the program, simply select the desired filter, and click the Add button.

– Displayspossible threats

– Integration denganWeb trust is currently underway in a separate extension, which can be turned off. also warn when visiting suspicious site has changed. With the help of WOT, AdGuard we are able to say directly about the reputation and indicate the reasons for the sites considered suspicious hinala.Kategorya suspicion may, in particular, fraud, potentially illegal, unethical or misleading, poor customer experience, and privacy threatsso on.


1. Unpack izainstalować

2.Close and copy the hotfix installation directory

3. Run as administrator amendment

4. Patch and wait for it to finish

5. Done.

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