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Clean Master for PC 2014

Clean Master for PC is the Windows version of the popular Android application optimization. This will remove unused files from your system and recovers disk space. This application is very efficient, convenient and suitable for all types and makes keeping karystalnikav. Adobe Master Collection CS6 Aptymizatsyya zdarovymClean PC Master PC lose your computer from unnecessary files. The tests went very fast, and when finished, the report will appear with a list of all the files demountable together olehJenis: audio / video, browser cache system,vtylfayly from other applications (allows you to use up to 500), the social scum, invalid registry keys and many others.

You can see the details of each element and see what you can configure kamputar.U CleanMaster certain files clog the options menu that runs when you open the window. You can also enable message that tells you when the junk files from a certain number (100, 300, 500, 800 MB or 1GB) exceeded.

Finally Clean Master for PC toocan be integrated with the context menyuz porridge (with the ability to clean unnecessary files), so you can immediately start scanning from the PC;

maximum ease of use and a good teacher dyzaynClean PC has a clear interface and flexible with a modern design, which increases the content. It is easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

When the analysis is complete, you will gepresenteerdmetdua option to delete unwanted files: you can delete Nowclick on the button to remove all the unnecessary files are displayed, or you can vruchnuyuvydalits certain files if you are only interested in a particular category.

After cleaning, CleanMaster screen histogram that amount of space is won the same.

This is a pure PC Guru PCClean beautiful piece of software for proper cleaning and maintenance of Windows.

It really is a strong alternative untukCCleaner, and although it functions less well developed, it is certainly farfaster and more convenient to use.


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