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VMware Workstation 12

VMware Workstation is one of the best desktop virtualization software available.

If you need to run the operating system in a virtual machine, VMware Workstation is one of the best options. This is a feature packed and offers support for a ton of operating systems. VMware is committedupdate their applications to support the latest operating systems and devices, including Windows 8 and USB interface

VMwareWorkstation interfaceni easy to use. kogaPrviot time you start VMware Workstation, you will be greeted with a welcome screen that allows you to quickly create newvirtual machine (VM), silk network, connect to a remote server, and more.

Create a new VM It is a piece of cake. VMware Workstation detects the operating system will be installed and will ask questions that are looking for such things as product key. It also installeddrivers and tool-alatdiperlukan create VM It will work with your desktoppo limazingira.

Unlike VMS will appear in separate tabs so you can jump between different virtual machine with ease. VMware Workstation tabbed interface allows quick access to all of your virtualmachine and environment from the home tab.

When you’re inside the VM, VMware Workstation puts continue to artikelketersediaan toolbar display as a full screen, unity and even capture video. There is also easy to use to your virtual imageskurejeshamashine.


Unity mode in VMware Workstation is great if you want to integrate your applications from virtual machines to the people of the original operating system. Virtualization applications that are clearly marked, making it easy to membedakanperangkat software from othermachine. Unity blend seamlessly and operating systems to get water desktop experience.

Users will still be able kushawishimazingira VMS and control them easily, even in a state of unity. VMware increased konfuzijataima two Start menu to VMS Start menu appears whenhovering over the power button Start.

Accelerating VMware Workstationmeningkat sharply across the board. Create a virtual machine is fast, but to maintain and suspend virtual machines provide an excellent example to improve performance.

virtual machines react quickly. kurukandani and outside the virtualfaster machine. There is also improved 3D graphics, and can even push some virtual games napojuvanisko level. Do not expect to run Crysis on VMware Workstation.


VMwareWorkstation is truly a program for engineers, created by engineers when you lookin its network characteristics. Users can share their virtual machine on the network and remote access, which is great for those on the go.

Users can use virtual yaomashine in any browser and does not require any special plug-in-or evenAdobe Flash. This makes it more easy virtual mashinaVas.


Ifyou are able, VMware Workstation is one of the best application virtualization there. It is feature packed and will make managing multiple operating systems and wind.

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